2016: The Year Of The Internet Of Things and MEAN stack

Happy New Year! Oh, this is going to be an interesting time ahead… I’ll be getting into some interesting projects and conference speeches around the Internet Of Things – that’s smart devices for customers and the rise of the server-side MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js) to support those devices with APIs without falling […]

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Tesco Pocket Shopper

A little piece of history for you: You probably think that mobile apps appeared soon after iPhone’s launch back in 2007? Actually… Tesco created its first mobile app back in… 2002! Tesco Pocket Shopper was a complete guide to selecting and ordering your Tesco online groceries which you could use offline, then go online to […]

GS1 SmartSearch: Delivering more sales with structured product data

  Have a read of this article about the project I’m working on with David Smith, Head of Digital GS1 UK. It’s all about making a step change in the improvement of product description information on the web, using JSON format which is easily machine-readable. This post first appeared in The Retail Bulletin on November […]

JSON data


Podcast Episode 4: The Future of Robotics

The Future of Robotics In this episode I explore the future of robots with robotics specialist Luke Hickton who is studying a Doctor of Philosophy on the interactions between robots and humans. Images: Above is a Scamperbot robot built using a 3D printer with onboard servos and arduino processor. Below is Scamperbot inventor and developer […]

Techfortesco server back online soon 8

UPDATE: All working now! Well done Adrian and the Tesco Labs engineering team. https://secure.techfortesco.com/tescoapiweb/login.aspx — Hello if you’ve reached this blog when you thought you were going to techfortesco.com’s API server. It’s OK, my lovely ex-colleagues at Tesco Labs are sorting out a new server to host the API and it will be back online […]

Kirisun DM680 mobile radio

Kirisun DM680 – switching from Chinese to English plus digital demo (video)

This is a focused radio article for my fellow radio amateur enthusiasts In this video I show you how to switch the on-screen menus from Chinese to English on a Kirisun DM680 digital mobile radio. I also give you a demonstration of a digital audio conversation, and show the raw signal on a computer screen […]

Podcast Episode 3: Innovation in Hackathons

Innovations in Hackathons Hackathons are an excellent way of helping colleagues think up great ideas to solve problems (or ‘make things better’) and this episode takes you behind the scenes at the 2015 Retail Week House of Fraser Hackathon in association with Infosys. I designed the methodology behind this hackathon, so in this episode I […]

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Compression results

A file compression experiment 1

I wanted to make an archive backup of my Parallels Windows 10 virtual machine file. The file itself is 54.51 GB, and I used Keka, a compressor application for OSX available from the Mac’s App Store to compress using the ‘more compression’ setting on each of five different compression standards: 7z – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7z Zip – […]

Podcast Episode 2: Innovation in Data

Innovation in Data We live in the ‘Information Age’ where the creation and use of data is prolific. Data drives business operations, social media and more. Data is important, but my passion is for open data. That’s data that is freely available in data files that you can download and import into a spreadsheet or […]

Open Data

Tesco “Feet On The Floor” returns… without me!

I’ve just read in The Grocer that more than 7,000 Tesco head office staff are to be sent to work in-store between September and December this year. It’s weird to think that, after all these years, I won’t be stacking the shelves or picking online orders alongside my Tesco colleagues this Christmas. In Tesco.com we […]